Choosing the right mattress is crucial for a good night’s sleep, and opting for an organic mattress can enhance not only your rest but also your overall health and environmental footprint. With increasing awareness about the benefits of organic materials, many consumers are making the switch to eco-friendly, non-toxic sleeping solutions. In this guide, we delve into the top 10 rated organic mattresses, each offering unique features to cater to different needs and preferences.

Why Choose an Organic Mattress?

Organic mattresses are crafted from natural materials such as organic cotton, wool, and latex, avoiding harmful chemicals and synthetic components. This makes them not only healthier for sleepers but also better for the environment. Organic mattresses can reduce exposure to allergens and toxins, providing a safer sleeping environment for you and your family.

Key Features of Top Rated Organic Mattresses

When selecting an organic mattress, several key features should be considered:

  • Materials: Look for certified organic cotton, wool, and natural latex.
  • Certifications: Ensure the mattress has certifications like GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard).
  • Firmness Levels: Choose a firmness level that suits your sleep style and comfort preferences.
  • Durability: High-quality organic materials typically offer better durability and longevity.

The Top 10 Rated Organic Mattresses

1. Avocado Green Mattress

The Avocado Green Mattress stands out for its commitment to sustainability and comfort. Made with GOLS-certified organic latex, GOTS-certified organic wool, and cotton, this mattress is ideal for eco-conscious consumers. It features a medium-firm feel, making it suitable for various sleep positions. Additionally, it includes a pillow-top option for added plushness.

2. Saatva Latex Hybrid Mattress

Combining the best of both worlds, the Saatva Latex Hybrid offers the buoyancy of natural latex and the support of individually wrapped coils. Its organic cotton cover and wool layer provide breathability and moisture-wicking properties. The mattress is GREENGUARD Gold certified, ensuring low chemical emissions and a healthier sleep environment.

3. Naturepedic EOS Series

The NaturePedic EOS Series offers customizable comfort with layers of organic latex and cotton. It allows you to choose different firmness levels for each side of the mattress, making it perfect for couples with varying sleep preferences. The modular design also enables you to replace individual layers, extending the mattress’s lifespan.

4. PlushBeds Botanical Bliss

The Botanical Bliss by PlushBeds is a luxury organic mattress featuring multiple layers of organic latex, wool, and cotton. It provides excellent pressure relief and support, making it ideal for those with joint pain or back issues. The mattress is available in various thicknesses and firmness options to suit different preferences.

5. My Green Mattress Natural Escape

Designed with budget-conscious consumers in mind, the Natural Escape from My Green Mattress offers a blend of organic latex and pocketed coils for support and comfort. The organic cotton and wool cover adds a soft, breathable layer. This mattress is known for its excellent value and eco-friendly construction.

6. Brentwood Home Cedar Natural Luxe

The Cedar Natural Luxe mattress by Brentwood Home is handcrafted with organic cotton, wool, and latex. It features a zoned support system to provide targeted pressure relief and spinal alignment. The mattress is also GREENGUARD Gold certified, ensuring it meets stringent standards for chemical emissions.

7. Happsy Organic Mattress

The Happsy Organic Mattress is an affordable option that doesn’t compromise on quality. Made with organic cotton, wool, and latex, it offers a medium-firm feel suitable for most sleepers. The mattress is also designed to be flippable, prolonging its durability and comfort.

8. Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex

Nest Bedding’s Hybrid Latex mattress combines organic latex with a supportive coil system. The organic cotton and wool cover enhances breathability and moisture management. This mattress is customizable, allowing you to select your preferred firmness level and even adjust it over time.

9. Spindle Organic Latex Mattress

The Spindle Organic Latex Mattress is made with three layers of Dunlop latex, providing a responsive and supportive sleep surface. Its organic cotton cover and wool batting enhance comfort and temperature regulation. The mattress is designed to be adjusted by rearranging the latex layers, offering a personalized sleep experience.

10. Awara Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress

The Awara Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress combines natural latex with a robust coil system for superior support and comfort. The organic cotton and wool cover adds a plush, breathable layer. This mattress is known for its durability and excellent edge support, making it a great choice for those seeking a luxury sleep experience.

Comparing the Top Rated Organic Mattresses

Materials and Construction

  • Avocado Green: Organic latex, wool, cotton, optional pillow-top.
  • Saatva Latex Hybrid: Organic cotton, wool, latex, and coils.
  • Naturepedic EOS: Organic latex, cotton, customizable layers.
  • PlushBeds Botanical Bliss: Multiple latex layers, wool, cotton.
  • My Green Mattress Natural Escape: Organic latex, pocketed coils, cotton, wool.
  • Brentwood Home Cedar Natural Luxe: Zoned support, latex, cotton, wool.
  • Happsy: Latex, cotton, wool, flippable design.
  • Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex: Latex, coils, cotton, wool, customizable.
  • Spindle: Three latex layers, cotton, wool.
  • Awara: Latex, coils, cotton, wool.

Firmness Options

  • Avocado Green: Medium-firm with pillow-top option.
  • Saatva Latex Hybrid: Medium.
  • Naturepedic EOS: Customizable firmness.
  • PlushBeds Botanical Bliss: Multiple firmness options.
  • My Green Mattress Natural Escape: Medium-firm.
  • Brentwood Home Cedar Natural Luxe: Medium-firm.
  • Happsy: Medium-firm.
  • Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex: Customizable firmness.
  • Spindle: Adjustable firmness.
  • Awara: Medium-firm.

Price Range

  • Avocado Green: Mid to high.
  • Saatva Latex Hybrid: Mid.
  • Naturepedic EOS: High.
  • PlushBeds Botanical Bliss: High.
  • My Green Mattress Natural Escape: Budget to mid.
  • Brentwood Home Cedar Natural Luxe: Mid to high.
  • Happsy: Budget to mid.
  • Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex: Mid to high.
  • Spindle: Mid.
  • Awara: Mid to high.

Benefits of Organic Mattresses

Health Benefits

Organic mattresses are free from harmful chemicals such as flame retardants, VOCs, and formaldehyde. This reduces the risk of respiratory issues, skin irritations, and other health problems associated with toxic substances. Natural materials like latex and wool are also hypoallergenic, providing relief for those with allergies.

Environmental Impact

Choosing an organic mattress supports sustainable practices. Organic farming reduces the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, promoting healthier ecosystems. Additionally, many organic mattresses are biodegradable or recyclable, minimizing landfill waste.

Comfort and Durability

Organic materials often provide superior comfort and durability compared to synthetic alternatives. Natural latex offers excellent support and pressure relief, while organic wool and cotton enhance breathability and moisture management. These features contribute to a more comfortable and long-lasting sleeping surface.

Maintaining Your Organic Mattress

Regular Cleaning

To keep your organic mattress in top condition, regularly vacuum it to remove dust and allergens. Use a mattress protector to prevent stains and spills. Spot clean any stains with a mild detergent and water, avoiding harsh chemicals that can damage the natural materials.

Rotating and Flipping

Rotate your mattress every three to six months to ensure even wear. Some organic mattresses, like Happsy, are designed to be flippable, allowing you to extend their lifespan by alternating sides.

Proper Support

Ensure your mattress is placed on a supportive bed frame or foundation. A slatted base with closely spaced slats or a solid platform is ideal for maintaining the integrity of an organic mattress.


What makes a mattress organic?

An organic mattress is made from natural materials like organic cotton, wool, and latex, free from synthetic chemicals and toxins. It often holds certifications such as GOTS and GOLS, ensuring its organic integrity.

Are organic mattresses more expensive?

While organic mattresses can be pricier than conventional ones, they offer superior health benefits, environmental sustainability, and durability, making them a worthwhile investment.

Can I use an electric blanket with an organic mattress?

Yes, but use it sparingly to avoid overheating the natural materials. Always check the manufacturer’s guidelines for compatibility.

How do I know if an organic mattress is truly organic?

Look for certifications like GOTS, GOLS, and GREENGUARD Gold, which verify the mattress meets stringent standards for organic materials and low chemical emissions.

Do organic mattresses have a smell?

Organic mattresses may have a mild natural scent from materials like wool or latex, but they are free from the strong chemical odors often found in synthetic mattresses.

Can organic mattresses help with allergies?

Yes, natural materials like latex and wool are hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites and mold, making them ideal for allergy sufferers.


By choosing an organic mattress, you not only invest in your health and comfort but also contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly world. Whether you prefer a plush, firm, or customizable option, the top 10 rated organic mattresses offer a range of choices to meet your needs. Sleep soundly and sustainably with the best organic mattresses on the market today.


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